Medieval Philology: Romance and Latin

The project aims to strengthen the existing collaboration between four chairs in Medieval Latin (Cardelle UZH and Tilliette UNIGE) and Medieval French (Trachsler UZH and Collet UNIGE) through a common research seminar for their respective doctoral students during two semesters (Spring and Fall 2019). The idea is to bring our individual areas of expertise together around a subject selected within the vast field of translations from Latin into French in order to show our young researchers why it is sometimes important to work with specialists from outside our own field. At the end of the two terms, some students will have co-authored a publication on the topic of the seminar. In addition, and depending on the research subject, we could be working on a manuscript kept in Zurich, Geneva, Bern, or the Martin Bodmer-Foundation, which could be made available on e-codices (Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland), together with our codicological study.

In order to keep matters simple from an administrative point of view, this course will begin on an entirely voluntary basis: interested doctoral students and early post-docs will be offered the possibility to discover and work in a transregional context and to meet and work with their counterparts in Geneva or Zurich. The four project partners will offer the course in addition to their teaching responsibilities. Given the transformations of the administrative context for doctoral studies underway at UZH, no attempt will be made to assign any ECTS points to the course at this point. Its aim is just to foster skills, interest, knowledge, and collaboration within a group of young researchers.

Four meetings per term are planned, some of which per video conference. If the offer meets a demand, we will determine how to institutionalise it, develop the video conference component and see if we can introduce something analogous for advanced Master students. In time, the course could be offered mainly by video conference, kicked off by one initial meeting to make contact. If the concept proves viable, it can easily be extended to other forms of collaboration in our respective French departments.

The funding is required for transportation and lodging of the participants and for technical assistance with setting up the video conferences. We expect a maximum of 20 participants.

The four project partners have successfully secured funding over the past years. Working together on a common research topic will undoubtedly increase their chances to continue to do so. The junior participants in the research seminar will acquire the necessary training to collaborate in such research projects in the future and will certainly widen their opportunities in the academic world by taking part in this course.


Participants :

Prof. Dr. Richard Trachsler, University of Zurich

Prof. Carmen Cardelle, University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Olivier Collet, University of Geneva

Prof. Jean-Yves Tillette, University of Geneva